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We make websites that are attractive, captivation, simple & classic for visitors to be engaged with the graphics & content. Focus is given on keeping it minimalistic for giving the visitor required information without any confusions. We provide design and development of static websites, one- page websites, dynamic websites, CMS's, E-Commerce solutions all having designs that are responsive.

Our Web Development Process

Our 5 step Web Development process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Discover Opportunities

As businesses are becoming global having a website has become a must and an easier way for people to know anyone's business even miles away. It is also beneficial as it creates a powerful virtual impact without having businesses or customers to meet each other personally hence, making the entire business operations process quicker. So if we speak of opportunities there is an opportunity for all sorts of businesses to showcase themselves online & what we here need to figure out is with what kind of website we need to do this.

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Design Mockups

Once we become clear of what kind of website is required, we try to understand the taste of the client. Show them some reference websites for color combinations, placements of sections and also brainstorm about how to give the website a distinct look. After their ideas and our suggestions we move ahead with the designing of the website.

We keep in mind the line of business & target audience to ensure appropriate layout and color combination before providing design mockups to our clients. In this process we research to find the trending fonts, animations, layouts which can be added to make the website look more attractive.

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Coding And Development

In case of dynamic websites, CMS's or E-Commerce Solutions after the design approval we move to the coding part. Whatever looks on the front needs to be either hardcoded or given easy to use panels that can be operated from the backend.

Before we start the development process we have all the modules jotted down and shared with our clients to avoid further confusion & delays, once both the parties agree to the flow and modules breakdown we move ahead with the development process giving timely updates to the clients on completion of milestones.

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Quality Assurance

After all the designing and development is done, the functionality goes a thorough check for both ease of use which means to test for the user- friendliness of the website in terms of functionality and also the UI is tested for user-friendliness & responsiveness. The content is also checked for helping to boost the SEO of the website.

We execute this process both before launching the website and after launching. We check that the links are in place, the data sent & received is as expected and complete, the Call To Actions are in place and work effectively & that the design works properly for all screen variants.

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Launching and Optimization

After all designing, development & testing is done we move ahead to deploy the website. At the time of launching we again check the performance of the website on multiple parameters. To list a few- speed testing, cross link checking or checking for proper email transfers. We also do perform a quality check run again as mentioned earlier. In order to optimize it further if required to give the end users an uninterrupted browsing experience from our end.

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Services We Provide Under Website Development

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

UI/UX Design

Create user-friendly, responsive designs from scratch as per their business requirements.

Content Management System

Create websites with admin panels giving customers the authority to change the content of the website as and when required.

Ecommerce Development

Create websites using which the customers can showcase and sell products or services online.

Landing Page

Create landing pages mention the gist of customers' business for end users to get complete knowledge giving high conversion rates.

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