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Email Marketing is one of the most beneficial way to reach relevant clients for any business. It is also one of the ways by which business owners can keep their existing customer base engaged in their business. These mails can be anything ranging from Offer on products or services, sale organized, updating people about change in policies or support services of a business or simply sending festive greetings. The point lies only in sending mails to either keep YOU remembered by the existing customers & create more and more customers by this activity.

Our Email Marketing Process

Our 5 step Email-marketing process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Research Customers and Markets

Here we need to find out the ways in which the customers can be kept engaged depending on the business line and also know whom they are targeting. The audience can vary from their customers, their associates to perspective customers or associates. Based on this we need to analyze the trending topics of business and what the competitors provide in order to be in pace with them.

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Once the research is completed relating the trends of the business & competitive market we strategize ways to highlight the strengths of our customers and also work with multiple strategies for the different goals of email marketing. We bifurcate the type of content, graphics & headlines that these different groups would be interested in to gain more and more clicks, engagement & finally leading them to your website for complete lead generation.

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Email Design

The design of the mailer/newsletter plays the most crucial role in the entire process. While we design the email template we keep in mind the target audience as this will decide what type of headline, graphics and content should go in. Preferably, the design of mailers is kept minimalistic for reasons like quick loading & also that most people do not have the time to go through most of the promotional stuff they receive, so it's better to keep it brief.

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This step acts as a checklist to the process. Once we are ready with the content & design we need to check whether we are up to the mark or not by checking the following points

  • Using an appropriate Newsletter Service.
  • Testing the Subject Lines to avoid spam
  • Keeping the message personalized
  • Checking for appropriate and adequate calls to action
  • Providing visually interesting and engaging campaigns.
  • Providing means for social sharing.
  • Giving a proper conclusion of what the reader is expected to do.
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Analysis And Reporting

After all the tasks of research, strategizing, designing & optimization are done it's time to monitor the campaigns and check for results. For monitoring we need to check the following points-

  • Which headlines/taglines got the majority clicks,
  • Which emails received the best responses,
  • What time of the day are the readers most likely to open the emails
  • What is the preference of the user between a long or short email- which do they open more often.
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